My SAP Mentor Activities 2017

sap mentors lemonAlso in 2017 I will be active for SAP and the SAP Community as a Mentor. Here is the list of events, where I will be present. If you are there too, it will be a great pleasure for me to meet you in person. Especialy for events with a lot of participants don't heasitate to contact me to make an appointment before the event.

  • January, 12th - 13th - I will be at the SAP Developer Kick off Meeting (DKOM) in Mannheim/Karlsruhe. The DKOM is a internal SAP event for developers which takes place every year. My role is to bing the communities view to the internal developers end executives.
  • March 23rd -  I will lead the DSAG work group meeting about Global Trade Managment in Kassel. We will talk about Transportation Management the new way to handle transportation and freight costs in S/4 HANA. How to integrat it with GTM? If you are DSAG member, you are welcome to join us.
  • April, 27th - It's Girls'Day! 6 girls (13/14 years) where coming to my special yearly activity for girls to find out what life is like as a programmer. With this activity I want to encourage the girls to study computer sciences later on.

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