Girls´Day 2015 - The learning was much more fun than in School

This year the 5th Girls’Day by ADventas Consulting was taken place! At 8am, 11 excited girls met in front of the Koralle Internet-Cafe, to join the day together.

This year, Lea, business informatics student, joined us too. She participated at an earlier Girls’Day by ADventas Consulting in 2010. After an informatics trial internship at Universität Hamburg, she enrolled herself as business informatics student at Universität Hamburg in 2014.

Together with Peter Langner (Managing Director), Lea introduced the girls to Computer science. After that, Lea Maracke and the girls programmed games by the help of the program „Scratch“.

After all, the day was a great success. „I liked programming very much. The learning was much more fun than in school“, said Marie-Luise, one of the eleven to thirteen year-old girls.


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