Girls´Day 2016 at ADventas

It´s Girls´Day! At the 28th of April 2016 the Girls´Day took place once again at ADventas. Six girls had the opportunity to learn and experience computer sciences on this day.

I hope, you will continue this project for years, so that more and more girls will be convinced to study the subject of IT said Marie 13 years old.

This year our team decided that we will only offer six places for to participate at the Girls'Day, because we wanted to work more concentrative together. This model was really succesful.

Six girls at the age of 12 to 13 years met with our interdisciplinary team Peter Langner (IT-Consultant), Lea (student of Business Computer Science at the Univerisity of Hamburg) and Silke Langner (educationalist and responsable for marketing and distribution at ADventas).

After a round of introduction, where the girls told us about their experienes with computer science, we played a funny game to know each other better. Then Lea Maracke explained us the backround of the subject of computer science and told the girls, why she decided to study Business Computer Sciences. Peter Langner complimented the recitation and explained how computer-programs operate.

After a short break we had our pracise-time. With the help of the educational computer-program Scratch the girls created several little games.

Even after supper they wanted to go forward and experimentised different types of the games. I liked, that we could program with patterns and without them said Jara, 13 years.

The feedback was awesome, so we will offer the project also next year.

Here you can see some of our favourite games.


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