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A collection of our knowledge, experience and tips on SAP GTM as well as S/4HANA

How To Set Up Your SAPGUI Parameters In An Easy And Efficient Way

Sooner or later every user has to face the situation where he has to set up his SAPGUI parameters. So we wnated to give you some insights on how we no...
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How can an error in a TEW step be recovered, that occurred during the generation of follow-on documents?

If you execute a TEW step, during the generation of follow-on documents an error can occur. This is displayed in the Global Trade Management tab ...
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How can I change the colors of SAPGUI per System and Client in Quartz or Belize Theme?

 For sure it happend to you as well that you changed data in the wrong system or client. This is not just embarrassing, but can also have serious...
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Five New GTM Features You Should Know About

Within the last 12-month SAP has published notes, which are not just bug fixes, but contain new features of GTM. In this blog I explain, which are tho...
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Just Questions - No More Answers

Dear SAP community, I write to you today to let you know, that my activities on the platform have come to an unexpected end....
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DSAG Workgroup Welcomes Stock Transfer Posting With TEW And Association In S/4HANA1809

Stock shipment is becoming increasingly important for global trading houses in the 21st century. Many intenational traders maintain their own producti...
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When Manufacturers Become Traders

The E-3 magazine makes an opinion and says confidently about itself: "No other German-speaking special interest magazine has similarly many opinions a...
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Commissioning And Monitoring Of Transports In Conjunction With Global Trade Management

 On 23 March 2017, the DSAG Working Group on Global Trade Management met in Kassel. On the agenda were new requirements for trading companies and...
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​Peter Langner Is SAP Developer Hero 2016

The Developer Heroes program was launched at SAP TechEd 2014 by the SAP Developer Relations team to celebrate and recognize the achievements and the a...
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SAP TechEd 2013 Amsterdam: Jam Band Or Band Jam?

This year we had a SAP Jam Band for the first time in the EMEA TechEd in Amsterdam. It was Mark Finnern who organized it and I am thankful, ...
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Global Trade Management In SAP ‒ A Great Potential For Companies

The primary business process for all trading companies is organising and managing the flow of goods and services. If possible, the simultaneous handli...
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