Girls´Day 2014  - I liked, that I could write my own game

ADventas Consulting: Girl'sDay

"I liked, that we could write our own game and it was interesting to see how long it takes to program such a game" said Marie-Lotta (11) one of ten girls in the age of 11-13, which participated in my this years Girls'Day.

Since 5 years I am part of this activity in Germany, where companies want to give girls a chance to try out technical jobs. I want to encourage the girls also to give computer science in school a chance or even to consider to become a computer-scientist.

I also ask Juliane and Jessica to come along and give me a hand. They are both students of computer-science at the University of Hamburg. As a special highlight they brought two robot dogs which they used to explain to the girls in which areas computer science is important.

I am very happy, that one of the girls from my first Girls'Day year in 2010 went to the trial studies the University of Hamburg offers for pupils every autumn. This shows me, that this day is really worth it.

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