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A successful captain needs an experienced pilot to rely on – especially when navigating unknown waters. So, if you are at the helm of a company, you would be well-advised to put your faith in me as a seasoned pilot; together, we'll keep your ship on course.

With careful, strategic planning, nothing can get in the way of your success. And, in this respect, ADventas offers exactly what you need. Commission our services, spanning IT management consulting, project management assistance, computer system optimisation and SAP integration, and see for yourself.

Peter Langner


Mangement Consulting

Planning your IT strategy

We plan your IT strategy based on your business strategy. Which system landscape is best for you? What is the master plan for its implementation?

Managing your projects and day-to-day business

Once we have clarified these questions, we get down to business. Collaborating closely with you, I steer your day-to-day business, bringing suitable external service providers on board upon request to oversee your IT controlling.

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Project Mangement

Time, budget, function and quality are critical factors in any project – we set procedures and guidelines addressing all of these aspects.

Once everything has been coordinated, we implement risk management and controlling, integrate specialist units, issue tenders for projects and contract external service providers. We resolve conflicts, see projects through to completion and evaluate them. As your pilot, I personally provide guidance and advice throughout the entire process.

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Training your company’s staff.

I gladly advise and support you when it comes to training your company’s staff.

This involves us working together to determine the areas in which your employees require further training. I subsequently propose to you a suitable training provider.

I can, alternatively, personally design course content and teach seminars. My offering in this respect includes training in IT methods (project management, intercultural projects, SAP implementation processes) and IT applications (focus on SAP).

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