Also in 2018 the Girls´Day will take place at ADventas!

Girls'Day - Wir sind dabei!

If you like to try something new on your computer and you are in the seventh or eigth class, be part of the Girls´Day 2018 by ADventas. In April, 2018 you have the chance to experience the world of a computer scientist. We are going to learn a lot about what a computer scientist does. Therefore we will program a little game, which you can take home after the day. The course language is german.You can apply for a place from February 5th 2018 on.

The Girls´Day 2018 by ADventas is sponsored by the Stiftung Koralle Bürgerhaus der Walddörfer.

You can find the application-form at the downloads.

Girls´Day 2016 at ADventas

It´s Girls´Day! At the 28th of April 2016 the Girls´Day took place once again at ADventas. Six girls had the opportunity to learn and experience computer sciences on this day.

I hope, you will continue this project for years, so that more and more girls will be convinced to study the subject of IT said Marie 13 years old.

This year our team decided that we will only offer six places for to participate at the Girls'Day, because we wanted to work more concentrative together. This model was really succesful.

Six girls at the age of 12 to 13 years met with our interdisciplinary team Peter Langner (IT-Consultant), Lea Maracke (student of Business Computer Science at the Univerisity of Hamburg) and Silke Langner (educationalist and responsable for marketing and distribution at ADventas).

After a round of introduction, where the girls told us about their experienes with computer science, we played a funny game to know each other better. Then Lea Maracke explained us the backround of the subject of computer science and told the girls, why she decided to study Business Computer Sciences. Peter Langner complimented the recitation and explained how computer-programs operate.

After a short break we had our pracise-time. With the help of the educational computer-program Scratch the girls created several little games.

Even after supper they wanted to go forward and experimentised different types of the games. I liked, that we could program with patterns and without them said Jara, 13 years.

The feedback was awesome, so we will offer the project also next year.

Here you can see some of our favourite games.

SAP Mentor, girlsday, Scratch

The learning was much more fun than in school

Today the 5th Girls’Day by ADventas Consulting was planned! At 8am, 11 excited girls met in front of the Koralle Internet-Cafe, to join the day together.

This year, Lea, business informatics student, joined us too. She participated at an earlier Girls’Day by ADventas Consulting in 2010. After an informatics trial internship at Universität Hamburg, she enrolled herself as business informatics student at Universität Hamburg in 2014.

Together with Peter Langner (Managing Director), Lea introduced the girls to informatics. After that, Lea Maracke and the girls programmed games by the help of the program „Scratch“.

After all, the day was a great success. „I liked programming very much. The learning was much more fun than in school“, said Marie-Louise, one of the eleven to thirteen year-old girls.


I liked, that I could write my own game

ADventas Consulting: Girl'sDay

"I liked, that we could write our own game and it was interesting to see how long it takes to program such a game" said Marie-Lotta (11) one of ten girls in the age of 11-13, which participated in my this years Girls'Day.

Since 5 years I am part of this activity in Germany, where companies want to give girls a chance to try out technical jobs. I want to encourage the girls also to give computer science in school a chance or even to consider to become a computer-scientist.

I also ask Juliane and Jessica to come along and give me a hand. They are both students of computer-science at the University of Hamburg. As a special highlight they brought two robot dogs which they used to explain to the girls in which areas computer science is important.

I am very happy, that one of the girls from my first Girls'Day year in 2010 went to the trial studies the University of Hamburg offers for pupils every autumn. This shows me, that this day is really worth it.

Girls'Day 2012 - Ten Girls from all over Hamburg, Germany visited ADVENTAS Consulting


It’s Girls‘Day 2012 - Ten 10 to 15 years old girls took the change to get to know, what a computer scientist does. I used the day together with my colleague Annika Rosner to introduce them to the secrets of programming. After explaining them what a computer scientist is and where you can work with such an education I gave an overview of the main notions of programming. Finally in teams of two they wrote a little game or animation, which they could take home.

It’s the third year now that I am participating in the German Girls’Day program. Every year at the last Thursday in April, girls join their father for work. They are supposed to get to know jobs in technique, computer science, engineering and science – jobs, where too few women are working.

The reasons why I am participating is that I want to give the girls a chance to get to know computer science without being dominated by boys. On the other hand I am missing women in computer science jobs. I think that man and women complete one another, and therefore it would be good to have more women in project teams.

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