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Outstanding SAP expertise

SAP was established in Germany in 1972. It now employees more than 45,000 staff and serves more than 86,000 customers in 120 countries, making it the leading software company in the field of IT applications for business management.

Why is SAP so successful, and why do so many companies rely on it? Is SAP software right for your company?

Since 2006, we at ADventas have been advising and assisting companies as they introduce and develop SAP systems and we are happy to answer your most urgent questions regarding all things SAP.

The consulting services in the field of SAP include:

  • Guiding the selection of an appropriate ERP system for your company. We will be happy to advise you on whether SAP software is appropriate for your company
  • If SAP software is to be used in your company, we will gladly advise you in introducing and/or developing your SAP system landscape
  • We are happy to assume the role of project manager for SAP-related projects
  • We pass on our knowledge and know-how in SAP training courses and individual coaching sessions

We also enjoy working as part of a project team. We can plan and implement changes within the system (customising), or completely de-bug your system if necessary. We will develop missing functions for you in ABAP and adapt existing functions based on your ideas (modification). Of course, we also offer testing, documenting and training, and we can provide knowledge derived from the SAP systems mentioned above.


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