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Image: Peter Langner and his commitment

At home together  help for the homeless in Hamburg

EDP and IT play a key role in both the economy and the community because of their ability to simplify, accelerate and safeguard many processes and actions. Conversely, we can only freely develop and evolve in a free, safe, fair and socially just environment. This is why we at ADventas would like to think beyond the short term and fulfill our responsibilities.

ADventas is committed to achieving the 17 global goals for a better future, as laid out by the international community of the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda. The objective of this agenda is to enable people around the world to live in dignity, while also sustainably preserving their natural, basic needs. This includes economical, ecological and social aspects (

The first goal of the 2030 Agenda is the fight against poverty. Poverty is more than a lack of income or funds. Often, the absence of the protection offered by ones own four walls makes living with dignity impossible. In Hamburg, around 19,000 people are shelterless. ADventas is getting involved in various ways to assist in mitigating this situation. Like our CEO Peter Langner who, being a member of the non-denominational free church ICF, regularly visits homeless people to share a Sunday breakfast, a good cup of coffee and a pleasant conversation. Additionally, ADventas supports “Hinz und Kunzt”, Germany’s most highly circulated street magazine focusing on social policies, Hamburg-related stories and culture. The magazine is made by professionals and sold on the streets by more than 500 homeless people, shelterless people, ex-homeless people, and people in precarious life situations (

Suggestions for collaboration and support are always welcome!


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